Reindeer Games

Reindeer GamesNothing welcomes the birth of our Lord and Savior more than games and a white elephant gift exchange. All joking aside, If it’s crunch time and you need a game for your upcoming Christmas Party, here’s an idea.

Reindeer Games

This reindeer is missing his antlers, help him get his antlers back in this game.

Supplies Needed

  • a pair of pantyhose for every team with the toes cut open
  • a bag of balloons for every team (varying sizes work well)

Split your group up into teams. Have them choose a volunteer to wear the pantyhose on their head. Give the youth 8 minutes to fill the antlers by blowing up the balloons and stuffing them through the feet. If they fill them full enough, they’ll start to look like antlers. Whoever has the tallest antlers at the end of time wins.

Here’s what they might look like at the end of your game. Make sure to steal our stuff and send your own stuff to

Reindeer Games Example


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