Winter Wonderland Lock-In (or game night)

Winter Wonterland Lock-In

After Christmas time, the long cold winter and dark nights can get kinda boring, so it can be a perfect time to hold a lock-in. Not everyone loves lock-ins, so this resource is one you could use at a game night as well. Here is a download with a Bible study for you to use as well as a couple ideas for a lock-in, and another great resource site to find games.

My number one issue when holding a Lock-In is finding enough games to fill the time, so here are some ideas for a Lock-in with a Winter Wonderland theme.

  • Play Snow Football
  • Make some Insta-snow
  • Go ice skating at a local venue

Another great place for game ideas is Youth Leaders’ Stash

I used the Would You Rather: Snowed In ScenariosBrain Freeze, Frigid Fashion Show, and the Indoor Snowball War. If you use the Would You Rather Scenarios, make sure you get the download to get the blank slide.

In this download you will find the following items.

  • A Bible Study in PDF and DOC formats
  • The above image for promotional materials
  • A blank version of the Would You Rather Scenarios from Youth Leaders’ Stash


Please steal our stuff, and if you want to have your own stuff used by other youth workers, send your stuff to and you just might see it here. Make sure you follow @StealOurStuff on twitter to stay up to date with all the newest resources for you to use.


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