“Forward to the Future” Bible Study

Forward to the Future

Here’s a Bible study that you could use with a Back to the Future theme night. I’m (Ray) a huge Back to the Future nerd, so if you’re not that into it, it’s still a good Bible study for High School kids as they transition out of High School and into college.

If you were to do this in a lock-in or game night, you could have games including hover boards, rubber chickens, and fake manure, dressing like you’re from 1955, 1985, or 2015, and a showing of an edited version of one of the movies.

The download includes the following:

  • 2 Versions of the Bible study in .doc and .pdf formats
  • 2 Slides – 1 with the title and a blank version
  • A Photoshop version of the graphics if you want to edit them yourself.


The font I used for this graphic was called (what else?) Back to the Future from dafont.com

Please steal our stuff, and if you want to have your own stuff used by other youth workers, send your stuff to stealourstuff@gmail.com. We have some resources that other youth workers have made coming soon. Thanks so much for sharing your resources.

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