Line Ups

LineUpsBreaking up a group of youth into teams can sometimes feel like herding cats. Here are few ways to make splitting up more fun (and random).

Divide your large group into 2 or more smaller groups by having them line up:

  • shortest to tallest
  • youngest to oldest
  • shoe size (smallest to biggest)
  • alphabetically by first name (A- Z)
  • alphabetically by middle name (A-Z)
  • alphabetically by last name (A-Z)
  • darkest hair color to lightest
  • size of hand (biggest to smallest)
  • birthdays (January to December)
  • how close you live to this location (nearest to farthest)
  • length of hair on head (shortest to longest)
  • length of hair on legs (shortest to longest)
  • the person wearing the least amount of red to the person wearing the most amount of red (or any color you choose)
  • geographic location of birthplace (West to East)
  • number of siblings (least to most)

Once in a line, you can divide them into groups or teams by counting off (1, 2, 1, 2, etc.).


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