Gridiron Games

GridironGamesHosting a Super Bowl party? Need some ideas on what to do during those commercial breaks? We’ve got ya covered! This stuff comes from our friend Patrick Brewer at Woodbury Lutheran Church. Patrick created the games and I (Andy) created the graphic. Thanks for letting us steal your stuff!


This is a fairly straightforward game. Players will try to correctly match the NFL team with its descriptive word or phrase. This game can be played individually or in teams. You may want to come up with a trivia question in the event of a tie.

Download NFL Team Quiz


Prior to your Super Bowl party complete your game sheet by filling in the spaces under each category with items that may or may not be found in this year’s game day commercials. A tip: a few days before the big game, scour the internet to find sneak peeks at this year’s commercials and be sure to “seed” the hunt with a several guaranteed winners. As they arrive, give each player a game sheet and have them individually or as a team choose 3 items from each category that they think will appear in a commercial sometime during the game (kickoff to final whistle). Players must make their selections before the opening kickoff and give their sheets to the judges. Players will then watch the commercials like vultures, screaming whenever one of their items appears. The judges track which items appear in the ads, make official rulings on debatable appearances, and total the sheets to see which player or team  guessed the most items correctly… that player or team is declared the winner. In the event of a tie, choose an order of tie breaker categories (most celebrities guessed, most products guessed, etc) to determine the winner. Note: The game sheet below contains items from the 2012 Super Bowl commercials. The file is editable so that you can update its contents.

Download Commercial Scavenger Hunt Game Sheet


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