Ski Retreat – WORD (or Winter Retreat)

Ski Retreat SOS PhotoI hope this is coming to you early enough that you can still use it this year, but I (Ray) am super excited about our church’s very first ski retreat. It was a great weekend and I hope all the work I put in can be of use to you as well.

The theme for the weekend was WORD. Isaiah 55:11 was the inspiration for this weekend and could be used as a theme verse, but I chose not to work it in until the Sunday morning worship. The goal is that the youth would come to know “The Word” that God sent to be our sacrifice for our sins, and that the youth would be encouraged to dive into God’s word (the Bible) to hear how God sees them as a result of Jesus’ sacrifice.

The outline for the weekend is as follows.

Friday Night – Bible study looking at the words and names that define us. We used this game on Rock Star Names I found online as a way to break the ice for the weekend. I had students go around the room and ask each other the words to fill in the lines so that they interacted with each other.

Saturday Morning – Devotion focused on the Word of God that came to us in Jesus. We read John 1 and then drew a meme to reflect. If you don’t know what a meme is, you can do a lot of research on your own at Know Your Meme (heads up, this site contains some questionable content, viewer discretion advised). The idea is to draw a picture with a caption. They tend to be sarcastic, but we had some pretty awesome ones that our students created.

Saturday Night – Talk and Experiential Activity affirming that in Christ we are all given the name of Christ. RadioLab put together a great story about a man who didn’t have a language. Tell that story at the beginning of the night as part of the message. The message finishes with the idea from Isaiah 43:1b,7 that God has called us by name. After the message the students are given mirrors on which they draw their silhouette. After they have an outline of themselves drawn on the mirrors, they go to individual stations that have Bibles open to a verse on which they are to reflect. The verses are highlighted with pictures drawn around the verses (in colored pencil or crayon) to make the verse stand out even more. The students read the verses and then write on the mirror the words God uses to describe them as a result of Christ’s sacrifice. After the youth are given time to reflect, the night closes with an affirmation circle and communion.

Sunday Morning – Talk and Worship with a few suggested worship songs to close out your weekend. The message focuses on the faith of the Centurion and how he trusted that Jesus could heal his servant with just a word. The goal is to send the youth out from the weekend knowing that Jesus has the power to save and that God’s Word will accomplish all that it is sent out to do.

The download includes the following

  • 1 Bible Study, 1 Devotion, 1 Experiential Activity, & 2 Talks/Messages in PDF and editable .docx formats
  • 1 Sample Schedule in .docx format
  • 2 editable Photoshop files for promotion as a poster of Facebook cover photo
  • 1 editable registration form in .docx form with a sample PDF version
  • 1 JPG image for the first night’s Bible study


The fonts used in the promotional material came from Lost Type Co-op. Type the amount of “Zero” for a free download. The Fonts were Oil Can, Mission Script, and Quaver. The WORD font is Museo Sans and parts of the font family can be downloaded for free from My Fonts.

Please steal our stuff, and if you want to have resources you created that you want to share with other youth workers, send your stuff to


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