Make It or Break It

MakeItBreakItHere’s a great game for your upcoming youth group gathering or Valentine’s Day-themed lesson. The idea came from Youth Leader Stash and the graphic was created by Andy.

The rules of this game are fairly simple. Here’s how you play:

Divide your students into teams: Guys vs. Girls. Alternating between the two teams, students are told to imagine that they have found the love of their life, perfect in every way but they have one flaw. As a flaw is read and described,  the team must decide if they can accept the flaw and “make it” work OR if there is no way they can live with it and “break it” off. Create signs that read “Make It” and “Break It” and have a team representative hold up the appropriate sign for their response. For added fun, have teams guess how they think the opposite gender will respond and award points if their guess is correct. The team with the most amount of points at the end of the game wins and receives bragging rights as the superior gender. Feel free to come up with additional flaws or have your students come up their own. If you get some good ones, share them in the comments section of this post. Have fun!


Everywhere he goes, no matter where it may be, he wears a tuxedo.

He picks his nose and then eats the boogers.

He cannot say any word that contains the letter “W”.

He has an extra nostril.

He is shorter than you.

He wears every article of clothing backwards.

He farts every time he sits down.

His mom chaperones every date you go on.


Instead of walking she skips to wherever she goes.

She sings whatever she says to you.

Her hair is permanently dyed hot pink.

Her toes and fingers are in reverse order (the big toe and thumb are on the opposite side).

She is taller than you.

She cannot make left turns (driving or walking).

She pees her pants every time she laughs.

While you are making out she hums “Kiss the Girl” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.


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