Communication Conundrum

Communication ConundrumThis is a simple 10 question trivia game that could be used for any event focused on communication or prayer. I (Ray) used it for our 4 week parent and youth classes that focus on ways that God communicates His grace to us. We played this game in a parent vs. youth style because the questions are mostly split down the middle between answers parents and youth would know. You could also play this in a powerpoint style quiz that could be done with a large group of youth.

Some other ideas could include

  • a series studying prayer (Bible study or series of talks)
  • a parent and youth night focusing on the importance of communication between youth and parents
  • a series on healthy relationships as you teach on communication
  • Some random trivia night where you just want to plug in some fun and strange questions.

Here are the first couple of questions. You can download all the questions and answers here, as well as a few blank slides that could be used for the background and a photoshop version of the graphics.

  1. This method of communication installed a cable across the Atlantic weighing 1.1 tons per nautical mile in order to connect Foilhommerum Bay, Valentia Island in western Ireland to Heart’s Content in eastern Newfoundland speeding up the length of time it took to communicate between the two continents 7200 times.
  2. This method often uses ciphers to represent words. Training to understand these ciphers is helpful to read these short messages. This method can cost up to 10,000,000 percent more than using similar methods of communications to send the same short messages.


The font used in the picture is from the Valencia family from Lost Type Co-op. Type 0 for a free download. The icons came from a free download at

Here is one more sample slide, but download the whole package above.

Communication Conundrum Envelope


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