Stations_Title_1“Stations” is a unique and powerful worship experience centered around the Stations of the Cross (artistic representations depicting scenes of Jesus on his way to his death on the cross). Each year on Holy Saturday, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I (Andy) host an experiential worship gathering for high school students. This particular gathering allowed students to “walk the stations” – take a spiritual pilgrimage of prayer – by meditating on these scenes of Christ’s suffering and death… and in doing so, in a very small way, gave them the opportunity to participate in Jesus’ final hours.

Here’s how we did it…

Our church has the 14 traditional Stations of the Cross (in the form of bronze plaques) mounted on the walls of our sanctuary. After a brief welcome, prayer, and word of instruction, students traveled around the sanctuary, stopping at each station to read a Scripture passage and reflect on the meditation in their worship guide. They were encouraged to physically move from station to station in order, but could stay seated in a pew or go elsewhere in the sanctuary if they desired a more private experience. The stations were also projected on the screens in our worship space, a different slide for each station.

We played songs from New York Hymns’ album “Songs for Lent” through the sound system. This album is a collection of songs based on each Station of the Cross. You can download the album for free at (all they ask for in return is your email address, a shout out via Facebook or Twitter, or a small monetary donation… your choice). We synced the slides and songs, in order, so that when a new song began, that was the indication for them to move to the next station. Students were asked to listen to the lyrics, read the passage, and pray… but above all, take that time to connect with God and worship Christ, thanking him for his ultimate act of love. After they had traveled to all 14 stations, we gathered together to close with a couple songs and a prayer to prepare our hearts to welcome in the Risen King.

Click on the link below to download a zip file containing individual slides (jpeg) for each of the 14 Stations of the Cross, 2 title slides and a blank slide for you to customize, and PDF version of the Worship Guide. The slides were created using images of the Stations in our sanctuary. You can add the station number and description to the slides using your favorite graphic editing program, Keynote or PowerPoint. The fonts used are Sullivan and Sullivan Fill, both available for free at Lost Type Co-op. This entire worship experience is free for you to steal and use as you see fit. Enjoy!

Download the Stations Bundle



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