Greater Than >>>>> Lock in

Greater ThanIf you use twitter, a fairly frequent occurrence among H.S. youth that use twitter is the use of the greater than sign. These appear when someone encounters something that they think is the greatest thing on earth. For example, one of your youth goes to that new burger joint in town and tweets out a picture with the caption “My burger >>>>>>.” Another example of this could happen on a rainy cold day. Imagine you come across a tweet that says, “A cup of hot chocolate on a cold, rainy day >>>>>>.” These both are saying that those things are better than anything else, ever.

Knowing that, I (Ray) hosted a lock in where the theme was “>>>>>.” The goal was to think about the things we place as the greatest in our lives and to reflect on how Christ should be put first because of His love and sacrifice he made for us.

Games and Mixers:

Usually, at a lock-in, you might get a few new students visiting your church, so it is important to plan some games and mixers to help youth get to know one another.

I used our resource called Line Ups to break up the youth into small groups and then played a game called Best of the Best.

Best of the Best was a game that came from Youth Leader Stash. It fits well into the theme of Greater Than. Our youth got into the game and it was a great mixer to get people together.

Bible Study: 

As a little preview of the Bible study here are the discussion questions we used to get students talking. There was certainly a lot of discussion based on these questions (including a few youth saying that Ryan Gosling was the greatest actor of all time). Here’s the complete Bible Study download.

1. If you were going to finish this sentence, what would you put in this blank?


If you’re saying to yourself, that’s not a sentence, it’s ok. If you’re not on twitter, those are a bunch of greater than signs. What would you say is greater than anything else?

2. Who would you say is the….  and why?

  • Greatest athlete of all time?
  • Greatest actor or actress ever?
  • Greatest Singer no matter the genre?
  • What do you think makes those people the greatest?



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