RescueIf Doug Fields is going to ask for survivor themed team building activities, He’s going to get survivor themed team building activities.

Watch your group scramble to save an injured participant in Rescue. Rescue is a challenge where teams compete to complete the task in the fastest amount of time while still being safe throughout the process. Help our youth learn about how Christ rescued us while using Colossians 1:13-14 as the theme verses, while they attempt to save someone from a plane crash and assemble a stretcher as a team.

If you have never led a team building activity before, make sure you check out our first post “Tie the Rope” that has lots of great direction on how to prepare and lead team building activities.

You Need: A roll of twine, and the following for each team

  • A neck brace
  • Two broom sticks
  • An old bedsheet or cloth tarp
  • A roll of duct tape
  • A bundle of small sticks
  • Two relatively close trees or two yard sticks
  • An adult who will oversee the safety of each group

The Set-Up:

Before the actual challenge, you’ll need to put a few things in place. First assemble the “planes” that each team will rescue their team member from by tying two horizontal lines of twine between your two trees or yard sticks. This should look like a 2 ft by 2 ft hole that is half a foot off the ground. You’re basically assembling a small version of the spider web low rope element. Next divide out all the rest of the materials to make a stretcher for each team across the field that you will do this challenge in. You could also add a few obstacles in between where the stretcher materials are and the airplane to add to the challenge.

During the challenge, divide up into teams and have each team choose one person as a volunteer to be the plane crash victim (It’s always more fun not to tell the volunteers what they are volunteering for). Have the volunteer go lay down on the opposite side of the small window you made with the twine. The rest of the teams should all stand behind a line on the other side of the field.

The Challenge:

Explain to the youth that they are on a rescue mission to save the victims of a plane crash. Explain that each team must assemble a stretcher from their materials to remove the plane crash victim from the plane. After they assemble the stretcher, they can then cross the field together while they all hold the stretcher. Once they arrive at the plane, Everything must the plane without touching the string because the plane is “structurally unsound” and could collapse at any minute. Two participants must enter the plane with the stretcher and neck brace and place the victim on it. The victim should then be lifted out of the plane on the stretcher without touching the plane. If at any point, the group touches the part of the plane, the whole group should start this part of the challenge over.

During this whole part of the challenge, make sure that your adult oversees that the youth remain safe. Have them check over the stretcher to make sure it will not break with the person in it.

After the victim is safely removed from the plane, and the two participants exit the plane without touching the string or poles they are tied to, the whole team should carry the victim back over the start line. The team that successfully completes all these tasks is the winner.

The Debrief:

Now, even though there are winners and losers in this challenge, make sure you point out the ways that each team worked together well. Continue your debrief with open questions that cause your group to think. The questions that you use will always be different depending on your group and how they respond to the activity. However, make sure to use open questions to get students talking. Key questions to use are as follows.

  • How do you feel you did in this challenge?
  • Who seemed to act as a leader(or encourager, or an antagonist) in this challenge? (Ask that person) Why do you think you took that role?
  • What do you think you can learn from this challenge? Why
  • How do you think this applies to your relationship with God? Why? What can you learn for the future through this challenge?

After leading through these questions, you can read the verses from Colossians 1:13-14, and ask the youth how these verses apply to what they just went through. Feel free to add any other thoughts you have at this time, but only after you have directed the discussion through these open questions.

Please remember to keep your students safe during these activities as they will be off the ground. Just like most people cut themselves with dull knives instead of the ones they notice are sharp, it can be easy to think that no one will get hurt during events like this. Make sure your students are using proper lifting methods when moving the victim around on the stretcher.

God bless your group as you reflect on how Christ rescued us from the power of darkness and brought us into His kingdom through the price of His Son.


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