Youth Banners

Youth Purposes Final Banner Teaser

Over the past three years, I’ve noticed that I have struggled educating parents about what is important in youth ministry. Hearing from parents that we should copy what another youth ministry is doing across town can sometimes feel like a slap in the face. Though I know I shouldn’t feel that way, it can still be hard.

I’ve also struggled with how much promotion to do for our ministry. The tension between being attractional and missional can be hard because you want to see youth come to the church events, but it can be hard to know how to describe the transformative love of Jesus in just a few words on a banner and still have youth come.

In talking to Andy over coffee this summer, I think I finally found something that educates parents about the purposes for our events while at the same time is attractive to the youth who would come to these events. Feel free to download and edit this for whatever you want to use them for. Andy was the one who created the content on the purposes banner. I thought it was a great way to describe the 5 purposes.


Here’s what my banners eventually looked like. I’m super excited to have our congregation see them.


Details about the Banners

I printed the signs at They were super easy to upload and get back. The smaller banners were quite a deal at only $79.


The text on the banners all comes from the Helvetica Neue family (the light and thin varieties). These should come free with any apple computers. The icons actually came from a font called¬†WEBHOSTINGHUB GLYPHS, though the way I made the banners, they aren’t displayed as fonts.

God bless and keep stealing our stuff.


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