The Great Pumpkin Hunt

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The Great Pumpkin Hunt

If you’re looking for an amazingly fun event for your whole youth group, look no further than “The Great Pumpkin Hunt.” Imagine your youth running all over your church inside and out looking for 100 pumpkins that have been hidden all over your church property. No doubt, you’ve done something similar to a pumpkin hunt in the past, but what makes this hunt different is the elusive “Golden Pumpkin.” Andy was the one who made the graphic and put together this awesome youth event that will be a great time for everyone.

Download the Graphic Package Here


Here’s what you’ll need

  • 100+ pumpkins
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Black Sharpies to number the pumpkins 1-99 (The Golden Pumpkin will be numbers 100)
  • A plastic pumpkin (or other container out of which to draw numbers)
  • 100 paper tickets to choose who wins the prizes –  (Pumpkin Hunt Numbers – excel file with 120#)
  • Prizes of all shapes and sizes (candy, gift cards, silly prizes, a “big prize”)
  • A map of your building to remember where all those pumpkins were hidden


Number all your pumpkins from 1-99. Spray paint the pumpkin you want to act as your golden pumpkin. Cut out your paper tickets and put numbers 1-99 in the bucket. Hide your pumpkins all over your building. Make sure you write down where each one is hidden on your building map.


Let your youth know that you’ve hidden 100 pumpkins around your building. Let them know that for every pumpkin they find, they have a chance to win one of the prizes you’ve prepared. Showcase all your prizes. After you explain the rules (you could limit the number of pumpkins youth are allowed to find if you want), let them know that one of the pumpkins you’ve hidden is the golden pumpkin. Explain that whoever has the golden pumpkin will win your “big prize.”

Let everyone loose to find pumpkins and then have a great time.

Pick Your Winners

Once your youth have found all your pumpkins (or time runs out), have everyone come back together. Draw the numbers out of the plastic pumpkin to see who wins which prizes. Take out the tickets you’ve already drawn so that each person has one chance to win for every pumpkin that they find.

Additional Challenges

Here’s a youth vs. volunteer game. You can also add some extra fun for your volunteers that help you hide your pumpkins by seeing what percentage of the pumpkins are still hidden at the end of the night. Present it to the youth that if they find more than 90% of the pumpkins, they get free pizza next week, but if they find 90% or less, the volunteers get a dinner out with you. Either way, you win as the youth leader.

Here’s another way to give everyone a shot at winning your “big prize” that I (Ray) have done with my youth. Make another 20 tickets that number 101-120. Right before you’re about to draw the winning ticket for the prize, add the last 21 tickets (101-120) to your bucket. This way everyone who hasn’t had their pumpkin called can still win. The golden pumpkin will just give you a better shot of winning. Make sure you keep these tickets out until you draw for the winner of the “big prize” so that everyone has an equal chance to win the smaller prizes.



2 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin Hunt

  1. Thanks for posting this Andy! I was planning to do a night of pumpkin carving this Sunday… perhaps we’ll add a great pumpkin hunt to the list as well!

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