“The Hunt” – Mall Scavenger Hunt

The_HuntBrrrrr! It’s colder right now in parts of our country than it is on the moon! The moon, people! That’s absurd! And for most of us, that’s too cold for an outdoor youth event. But don’t worry, we’ve got your winter activity needs covered.

“The Hunt” is an indoor mall photo scavenger hunt that we put together… perfect for these cold, winter months. Feel free to steal this activity and adapt it to fit your group and local mall. Here are the rules we used for “The Hunt”:

  • Players must form teams of 3-4.
  • Teams will select one (1) player to take ALL pictures on his/her cell phone. Those pictures will be the only ones used for judging. Picture tasks must be clearly identifiable by the judges. Judges will have final say as to whether or not a picture meets the criteria to earn points.
  • Teams will select one (1) player to record their completed tasks on the check list. All tasks and points awarded will be the sole decision of the judges.
  • Teammates must stay together at all times (no splitting up or breaking off for solo missions).
  • Teams will have 45 minutes to complete as many tasks from the list as possible. All players must return to the starting location by the end of the 45 minute hunt.
  • Tasks are awarded points (5-100). The team with the most points (not necessarily the most tasks completed) at the end of the 45 minute hunt will be declared the winner.
  • In case of a tie, teams will be judged based on the tie-breaker task. The team with the picture of the highest priced item wins. *** BE SURE TO COMPLETE THE TIE-BREAKER TASK***
  • All players must be respectful of the mall, the mall employees, and the mall shoppers. Please do not run through the mall or do anything that may get you thrown out!

A Few Tips: (1) Contact your mall of choice ahead of time and ask if it’s all right to do a scavenger hunt on the premises… Some malls are NOT cool with this kind of activity. (2) Make sure your youth bring their cell phones (most cell phones have cameras… but if they don’t, have them bring a digital camera) and double check that they have enough space on the device to store LOTS of pictures. (3) Have something planned for them to do while the photos are being judged… this could take a while. We had our youth meet in the food court and shared a meal together while the judges reviewed the photos. The winning team was awarded mall gift cards.

Click on the download button below to get the .xcl file containing the 50 scavenger hunt items + the bonus tie-breaker task. NOTE: Some of the items/tasks in this list are specific to our local mall, be sure to check out your mall of choice ahead of time and adjust the items/tasks accordingly.



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