An Interactive Walk Through The Lord’s Prayer – Prayer Stations

This is a set of interactive and experiential stations that I created for our confirmation program. These stations allowed students to “walk through” the Lord’s Prayer,  exploring and reflecting on each part of this prayer along the way. Students were given a guide with instructions for each of the nine stations (one station for each part of the Lord’s Prayer – introduction, seven petitions, and conclusion) along with reflection questions. The stations were set up in our fellowship hall which has plenty of space for movement from station to station. I also put together a meditative worship song playlist that was played through our sound system during the experience. The playlist consisted of nine songs, all around five minutes long. When a new song began, that was the indication for students to move to the next station in order to complete the experience in our 45-minute time limit. Steal this resource and use it “as is” or adapt to fit your ministry needs.


Click on the “download” button below to get the whole package: The Lord’s Prayer Guide & Reflection Questions; Station Supply List; and Graphics (9 station signs, title slide and blank slide, and logo/text overlays (.png) in 2 versions of the Lord’s Prayer – “Thy” or “Your”).


9 thoughts on “An Interactive Walk Through The Lord’s Prayer – Prayer Stations

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  2. We hosted a prayer and worship night this past Sunday and used this set up. It was wonderful seeing our students spend time intimately with God. Thanks so much for this resource!!

    • Betty, Zip files are compressed files that require a program to unpack them. If your device does not have a program to do that, try searching google for zip mac, zip windows, or for the operating system you are using.

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