Anchored – Retreat Theme & Graphics Package

Here is the graphics package from our most recent Middle School Fall Retreat. The theme was “Anchored” and was based on Hebrews 6:19 – “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” The imagery and environment we created had an obvious nautical feel. Our three main sessions for this weekend retreat were: (1) The Boat, (2) The Anchor, and (3) The Rope. Feel free to steal these ideas and resources and use them in your ministry.

The graphics package contains:

  • Title Slides (1 Main Title Slide, 3 Session Title Slides)
  • Background Images (9 Program Background Images, 6 Worship Background Images)
  • Theme Overlays (overlay these .png file graphics onto your background images using Screen Mode in your favorite photo editing program)
  • A Comprehensive Style Guide

To download this folder, click on the “download” button below. Enjoy!


Edit: Here are a few of the theme overlays with the background removed. This allows for easy drag and drop of the elements into a presentation software like Keynote or Powerpoint without having to do graphic design work in a program like Photoshop.



6 thoughts on “Anchored – Retreat Theme & Graphics Package

  1. Hi! Awesome graphics for this event. I was curious if I could just hear a sentence explanation of the three talking points – The anchor, boat, and rope? Seriously considering using this for our upcoming winter retreat! Thanks so much!!

    • Drew, Thanks for your interest in the graphics package Andy put together. Here are the talk summaries that we came up with before the retreat. They aren’t exactly what we did on the retreat nor are they complete, but they’ll give you a start.

      The talks were structured with a Die, Rise, Go structure.

      1. The Boat – (Die)
      Jesus Calming the Storm
      Message #1 ­ The Boat ­ This is us, our being, our soul the vessel that’s sailing through this life… sometimes it’s smooth waters, sometimes it’s raging seas.

      2. The Anchor – (Rise)
      Ephesians 4:14a
      Hebrews 6:19
      Message #2 ­ The Anchor ­ This is our hope and faith in Jesus that holds us firm, steadfast in his promise and love… this is what is secures us and strengthens us in those raging seas, but also what keeps us close to shore, docked safely in His presence.

      3. The Rope – (Go)
      Hebrews 6:19
      Chord of 3 Strands – Beyond the Trinity – Prayer, Reading the Word, Community of Believers?
      Message #3 ­ The Rope ­ This is what keeps us (the boat) connected to that faith and hope (the anchor). What keeps you connected? What causes that knot to come untied? How can we keep those bonds strong?

      • Thanks so much, Ray! Such a blessing to stumble upon your site today. Will be sure to spread the word about you guys, and would be glad to pass along some of our pervious material.

      • Drew, I also edited the post to include a link to the graphic elements with the backgrounds removed so you can just drag and drop them into a presenter software like Keynote. They’ll save you the time of having to do it yourself.

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