Addicted to Trivia Night


Addicted to Trivia - Main Slide

There’s a trivia app called Trivia Crack that’s spread like wildfire through my youth group. It’s even shot up to the top of the app stores. Here’s a great way to latch on to the excitement that is currently built around Trivia Crack. if you haven’t checked out this app, go ahead and Google it. It’s built on user generated questions that cover 6 categories. Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science, and Geography.

If you choose to use some of the ideas that revolve around Trivia Crack, I have yet to come across a questionable question, but you might get a few about human anatomy. If you’re worried about the possibility of getting a question you can’t screen, get a copy of Trivial Pursuit or some other trivia game and substitute those questions. I thought of some games that could involve some level of technology using an Apple TV or Chromecast and their ability to project or show what’s on your mobile device on a TV or a projector.


No Technology Needed

Guys VS. Girls

This one is pretty simple. Pick your favorite trivia game and play it guys vs. girls. If you really wanted to try to create the trivia crack experience without technology, grab a spinner from your favorite board game (Life or Candy Land which now comes with a spinner are some good ones) and get trivia cards from Trivial Pursuit. Another great trivia game that you would definitely need to modify is this one (Warning: Crass Language Ahead). The question cards make no reference to name of the game and could be used with a board like Candy Land.

Could Involve Technology

Survival – The Most Correct Questions In A Row

Addicted to Trivia - Survival

If you want to use the official Trivia Crack App with your kids, a great way to do it would be seeing who can get the most questions correct in a row. Have all the youth stand and let them play. Use the slides in the download to help the youth know how many rounds you have gone together. When they get a question wrong, have them sit down. When you have only a few youth left, have them come forward. Because there’s only a limited number of lives in the app, you would not want to create a tournament. The app wouldn’t let you play that many games in a row.

Everyone Vs. 1 (I.E. The Youth Leader)

Addicted to Trivia - Everyone VS 1

This one doesn’t have to use an Apple TV, Chromecast, or video adaptor, but it adds to the fun. Have the youth leader’s device shown up on your screen. Give everyone the form from the download and tell them to see if they can answer more questions in a row than the leader’s. Give them 20 seconds to write down their answers before the leader chooses theirs. Have the leader try and throw off some of the kids as they go through the questions. Give the youth who beat the leader a prize. Trivia Crack is available as a Facebook Game so you could just plug in a computer and show the game through a projector.

Definitely Involves Technology

The Big Web Quiz

This game involves a Chromecast. Google put out a web game called The Big Web Quiz to show off the abilities of the Chromecast. I think the best way to explain is to show you the video from Google.

Since you’re limited to 6 devices, divide your group into 6 teams and choose one person at a time to be the buzzer. The game will take over from there. You will want to make sure you run through this game with all your devices before you do it with your group because there are a lot more moving parts. I had trouble with running the Chromecast through a long cable to a projector. A tv might give you the best results.


The download includes photoshop versions of these graphics, as well as a pdf of the everyone vs 1 game sheets. The fonts used at Eveleth Dot Regular and Webhostinghub-glyphs.


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