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We want Steal Our Stuff to be a place where youth leaders can find materials that connect youth to Jesus and the grace He freely offers. We want to get beyond the moral teaching of being a “good kid” that is so often easy to fall into. We want to give proven resources away for FREE, and we want to also show youth leaders that you can do very creative things to little to no cost.

We also want Steal Our Stuff to be a place where you can share resources that you have made as well. Submit your own resources to

Because we want to give away amazing resources, it is not guaranteed that everything submitted to the site will be posted on it. You might not make the cut if your resource doesn’t have a clear point, teaches something other than Jesus’ work to be saved, or is not completely yours.

What to Submit

Sumbit quality resources that YOU have created.

Feel free to submit anything from a simple mixer to programing for an entire week long mission trip. Don’t feel like you have to have a graphic for your Bible Study Series or your game. We can create something for you.

We’ll never take your resources to make money for ourselves. You own your resources, and if at any point you would like us to remove one of your resources, we’ll be happy to oblige.

We’re happy that you are willing to collaborate with other workers and share your experiences so that others may have great resources to share Jesus and His love with youth in their churches and communities.

How to Submit

In order to keep SOS a FREE resource, we’re going to kick it old school and ask that you email your submissions to If your attachment is large, make sure to include a link to your dropbox, drive, or other cloud-based hosting site. By submitting your resources, you are asserting they are your creation. If you borrowed the idea from another person/site, please be sure to cite its source and give credit where credit is due.


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